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Welcome to Lee’s Dragon fruit Plantation, your go-to destination for rare dragon fruit cuttings in Australia!

At Lee’s Dragonfruit Plantation, we embarked on a mission to introduce new and exciting varieties of dragon fruit into Australia. However, this endeavour proved to be more complex than anticipated. Initially, the Australian database contained only one variety of dragon fruit (White Fleshed), prompting us to seek additional varieties to enrich our selection for Australian dragon fruit enthusiasts.

Through extensive research and collaboration with the Australian Agriculture Department, we successfully expanded the database to include a diverse range of dragon fruit varieties and their hybrids. We carefully examined popular preferences and identified unique dragon fruit types that align with the desires of our customers in Queensland and across Australia.

Our dedication led us to legally import 70 cuttings, representing 14 new and exclusive dragon fruit varieties not previously available in Australia. These varieties were meticulously chosen for their vibrant flesh colours, including red, pink, purple, and magenta, catering to the specific tastes of our customers. Additionally, some of these varieties boast exceptional traits such as cold and heat tolerance, making them suitable for various regions across Australia.

Moreover, our selection includes dragon fruit varieties with captivating features such as spiralling growth and red or pink variegated flowers, offering a visual feast for dragon fruit enthusiasts. Some varieties even produce fruit early and late in the season, extending the overall fruiting period and delighting our customers with a prolonged harvest season.

Following a meticulous process of arrival, inspections, treatments, and a three-month grow-out period, we obtained around 50 cuttings, representing 13 distinct dragon fruit varieties. We have nurtured these cuttings to maturity and are thrilled to offer them on our website. Our products are available for purchase and can be shipped to all unrestricted states of Australia, allowing dragon fruit enthusiasts to experience the joy of cultivating these unique varieties in their own gardens.

For customers residing in restricted states such as the Northern Territory, Tasmania, and Western Australia, we offer a solution. You can apply for a permit through your relevant Department of Agriculture to import our dragon fruit cuttings into your state. Once approved, we will gladly send these rare and exceptional dragon fruit varieties to your doorstep.

Explore our website and discover the beauty and diversity of dragon fruit with Lee’s Dragonfruit Plantation. Join us in this exciting journey and bring the magic of rare dragon fruit varieties to your garden today!

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Dragon fruit - It's a Super Fruit

Low cholesterol, high fibre, active antioxidants & rich in vitamin C, B1, B2 & B3, plus minerals such as iron, calcuim & phosphorus.