Dragon Fruit Cuttings & Sales

Lee’s Dragon Fruit Plantation

Lee’s Dragon Fruit Plantation is a family owned and operated horticulture business in Central Queensland. We started growing dragon fruit (pitaya, pitahya) as a hobby because of their interesting and addictive character. We are now a large farm growing plants for fruit and cuttings. We have a very large range of fruit including many rare and imported variations. Our dragon fruit plants are clean, mature and we have the capacity to supply commercial quantities.

Dragon Fruit Cuttings

The cuttings are available for home and commercial growers with around 30 different types of dragon fruit plants grown. Our aim is to supply quality products for consumption and growing. Cuttings are available for purchase online.

Dragon Fruit Sales

Our fruit are sold locally and will eventually go to state markets around Australia. Please contact us with any commercial/supply enquiries.

Lee’s Dragon Fruit Plantation will continue to look for new, rare and interesting varieties of dragon fruit. We strive to give people the opportunity to grow these interesting and wonderful plants. Which have the most beautiful flowers, healthy and nutritious fruit.



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Dragon fruit - It's a Super Fruit

Low cholesterol, high fibre, active antioxidants & rich in vitamin C, B1, B2 & B3, plus minerals such as iron, calcuim & phosphorus.